Teer Counter in Shillong Khanapara Juwai and Night

Teer counter is a place where people go and buy different numbers of teer.
In Meghalaya state, teer counters are available in every city even in small villages.

Three main cities of teer counter:

  • Shillong
  • Juwai
  • Khanapara

Are teer counters available online?

No, teer counters are available only in Meghalaya state. They are not eligible to sell tickets outside that state so you cannot find online.

Shillong teer counter:

In Shillong city, you can easily find a counter even in streets. So if you are in contact with someone in Shillong you can buy numbers easily.

There are few teer also introduced in night and morning time. which called Night teer and Morning Teer

Khanapara teer counter:

In khanapara, there are a lot of counters. Even in other cities which are near to khanapara, you can find counters.
All the counters are official, and they get an annual license from the local government.


For example, you are in Shillong khanapara or in Juwai. You just need to go to the bazaar. Where you can find many teer counters.
Then you go to a counter and ask for a specific number. You can buy any number in any price.
So we assume you buy 67 number in 100 rupees.
So if your number wins that day, you will receive 100×80 = 8000 rupees.
Means you will receive 80 times more money.
You just need to visit that counter again from where you have bought your number, and they will give you the specific amount which you have won.

Juwai teer counter:

In Juwai city there are also many counters available. They are also official and pay annual fees to local govt.

Due to these counters, a significant number of people get employment and jobs in Meghalaya state.
Teer plays an essential role in employment and economy of this state.

Guwahati teer counter:

As Guwahati is also a city of Meghalaya state. So this term is famous, but there is no teer at all with this name. However few people know Khanapara teer as a name of Guwahati teer. Because khanapara is an area under this city. There are many counters available in different areas of this city.

Counters timing:

You can buy numbers before starting this game.
So usually you can buy before 4 pm after it people only wait for results. After results, people start to purchase numbers for the next day.

Assam teer counter:

There is no official game on the name of Assam teer. As we know Meghalaya was part of Assam in the past. So few people still know Shillong teer as a name of Assam.

Hit number:

Teer counters don’t offer target numbers. Many other people offer these service.

Can we find teer counters outside the Meghalaya state?

No, you cannot find a counter in other states because govt doesn’t allow this. But in Assam there are chances maybe you can see anyone there.

Can we trust on teer counter?

As we already stated all the counters are official and have a license, so all are trusted.

Note: we are not a part of any counter we have published this article only for the purpose of information. I hope his report will be helpful for you.

Manipur teer counter:

People of Manipur also interested in this game for a long time. Counters also available in the city. Maybe nearby towns also have few counters.