Common numbers today

Important note: common number, hit number or target number are only different names of the same number. So keep in mind always. All these are different for every day and for every teer.

So you just need to choose a fresh number every day. The number will be different for every teer.
For example, A common number for Shillong teer is not a common number for Khanapara teer.

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Date: 25/dec/2018
Shillong Teer3429
Khanapara teer3231
Juwai teer6724


What is a common number in teer?

These numbers are most favorite or hit numbers. People draw hit numbers on a daily basis these numbers depends on specific mathematical formulas and previous teer results.

Where to get common/hit number for Shillong teer?

Well, many youtube channels are working and provide hit numbers every day.
So just visit youtube and follow few channels which have a vast number of subscribers.
We also update common number daily on our website you can check them on this page.

How much useful these common numbers are?

Well, these numbers have a great chance at a winning point of view.
Because mathematical formulas are useful in this game. Old results also help.
So with a combination of these both, it is easy to generate winning numbers.

Which is most better between dream number and common number?

Well if you ask my personal suggestion.
I always prefer dream numbers If I watch an absolute dream at night and that clearly match with a dream number, I must buy that dream number.
But if usually, I don’t see any specific dream every night. So I go for target numbers that day.


Are hit numbers same for khanapara teer, Shillong teer, and Juwai teer?

No all these are different, so their common numbers are also different. Shillong teer belongs to a specific city of Meghalaya
And khanapara is part of Assam, so they are entirely different.

Are Target numbers update daily or remains the same for all days?

Experts release Hit numbers daily. So you need to pick new numbers daily. You cannot use any specific number daily because a yesterday’s number is not common or hit number for today.

What is a mathematical formula for Shillong teer and khanapara teer?

We don’t know about formulas. We just receive these numbers from a few authentic experts and publish here.
If you are really interested in mathematical teer formulas, then we will suggest you visit youtube channels about teer.

Are common numbers official?

No, it is just a kind of guess. Official teer associations have no connection with this kind of numbers.

Are target numbers also available on teer counters?

No, teer counters are official, so they don’t release any hit number. But it can be a possibility that any teer counter suggests any number by its own. But teer association don’t have any link with this kind of numbers or predictions.