Teer Counter in Shillong Khanapara Juwai and Night

Teer counter is a place where people go and buy different numbers of teer. In Meghalaya state, teer counters are available in every city even in small villages. Three main cities of teer counter: Shillong Juwai Khanapara Are teer counters available online? No, teer counters are available only in Meghalaya state. They are not eligible … Read more

Previous Results

Note: We update these results Daily. How previous results helpful in teer? People have firmly believed that common numbers play an important role. So to draw Hit numbers we always need old results. We check previous results and draw a target number for today with the help of different formulas. Where can I check previous … Read more

Common numbers today

Important note: common number, hit number or target number are only different names of the same number. So keep in mind always. All these are different for every day and for every teer. So you just need to choose a fresh number every day. The number will be different for every teer. For example, A … Read more

Dream numbers

shillong teer dream number

Dream numbers are presented here these numbers are the same for all kind of teer. you can use these numbers for Shillong Teer, Khanapara teer, Juwai teer, and many others. Common Questions about Dream numbers what are dream numbers? In the game of teer,┬áDream numbers have an important role because a big number of teer … Read more