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Juwai Teer Result

First Round05
2nd Round23

Khanapara Teer Result

First Round38
2nd Round03

Shillong Teer Result

First Round10
2nd Round30

Note: You can also check dream numbers and common numbers. We usually publish results around 4-5pm but in certain situations like server issues or internet issues. Results can be a bit late. So Keep patience, stay blessed.

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It is an old traditional game widely played in Shillong, Khanapara, and Juwai.
All these cities belong to an Indian state Meghalaya.

Teer result today


  • People are highly interested in this game which played by arrows.
  • So the game owner has many stalls in different cities, especially in Shillong.
  • Whole day people buy different numbers from 0 to 99 from these stalls.
  • In the evening at a specific place, this game starts its first round at 4 pm and second round at the 5.15pm local time
  • Owners of this game arrange all the program in open public at a specific ground. So anyone can visit and see this game.

Winning number:

  1. When the game starts a specified number of archers starts throwing arrows towards a target point.
    They do it for 5 minutes.
  2. When 5 minutes complete they count total number to arrows which hits the target. For example, if the total number of arrows is 673.
  3. They will get the last two digits which are 73. So people who bought 73 number on that specific day will be the winner.


It depends on amount means if you bought that number in 100 rupees and if you are the winner you will receive 8000 rupees.

Shillong and Khanapara:

The pattern of both games is almost the same. But they belong to different cities, so everything is separate in both games.

If you buy numbers of Shillong Teer, then you can only avail prize of Shillong, Khanapara is not its part.
They both sale different numbers on different stalls and also play the game in a separate place.

Results are also separate. So there is no connection between them except the same game pattern.

Can people from other cities also become part of this lottery?

It is only allowed in Meghalaya state. So if you belong to any city of Meghalaya, you become to take part in it. But in other cities its prohibited.

Dream number:

  • Teer has a strong relationship with dreams.
  • There is a strong belief in people that specific kind of dreams provides different predictions about winning numbers.
  • If you are interested to read details of dream number you should read below article.

check dream numbers

Previous Results:

Few people have a strong belief in previous results.
So they make formulas and buy next numbers according to the methods which they have driven from old results.


Different people do various type of predictions about results. Which usually based on dreams and previous results. Few people have a strong belief in forecasts and don’t buy any number without prediction.

Common number, Hit number and Target number:

There is no difference between these numbers. These all are different names of the same number. Few people also say it a direct number.

Well, these numbers play an essential role in predictions. Few experts draw common numbers with the help of specific formulas and previous old results.

These predictions often become true, and people win the lottery with the help of this expert opinion. Direct and House, ending numbers also play an essential role. You can also check advance teer results on this page.

Shillong Night teer:

These days when this lottery has become very popular in Shillong, so another association has started another lottery with the name of Shillong Night teer.

The main difference in both is the only time. 

While regular teer lottery happens in the evening time.
There is no lottery played in the morning time, but few people search it as morning teer because they are looking for specific predictions or hints of that day.

You can check Shillong night results today in front of this page.

Is teer Lottery, betting or gambling?
Well, it is similar to a lottery, and it is legal by the law of local government so no one can say it gambling or betting.

It is another form of lottery. It is the reason that there is no objection to this game by the government.


Teer lottery is famous in following cities and areas:

  • Shillong (Meghalaya)
  • Juwai
  • Khanapara (Guwahati)
  • Bodoland
  • Manipur
  • Dubai
  • Bhutan
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Dehli
  • Barma


Assam teer:
In actual, there is no existence of this kind of lottery. As we already know Meghalaya was also part of Assam in the past. So few people still call it the name of Assam.

Guwahati teer:

Khanapara is famous after Shillong and khanapara is a locality of Guwahati city, so people call khanapara result as the name of Guwahati. In reality, it is not an official.

Bodoland teer:

Teer is also a big game in Bodoland district. teer is becoming more popular with the passage of time and people of nearby states also becoming part of it, and Bodoland teer is one example of this.
We also announce Bodoland teer results on this website.

Barma teer:

Few people also interested in Barma lottery. We try our best to update results of Barma Teer on this page. We are also making a new category for this purpose. Ho you will see it soon

Dubai teer:
The lottery is also becoming famous in Dubai. So it is news that this game is being played in Dubai at a small level.

But that association is not so strong as compare to Shilling and Juwai.
We also share the results of Dubai on this website.

Bhutan and Nepal:
Nepal and Bhutan are different countries. But the people of these countries have significant interaction with Indian states Meghalaya and Assam. 
This lottery is being played in these both countries. We try our best to publish results of Bhutan and Nepal teer.

Bangla teer:
Bangladesh also has this game, but it is on a small level. Maybe it can become famous for a bit time. We often publish Bangla results here. Bangladesh people also love Barma teer.

manipur teer:

Manipur is also famous in this lottery. But it is at a limited level in Manipur as compare to Meghalaya and Assam.

We often update Manipur results on the front of this site. But resources are limited to get result details for Manipur so sometime it can late.

Dehli teer:

Dehli is the capital of India, but it is also at a limited level in Dehli. So it is not possible to update Dehli results too often for us. But teer is growing in Dehli day by day. So in the future, we will update it regularly. Burma teer is also famous in Dehli.

Shillong teer on facebook:
Facebook can be helpful because few facebook groups are active. So you can join them for regular updates.

Khanapara teer previous result list:

We have arranged and a list of the old record you can see it here.
You can also search it with the name of the old results chart.

Check result yesterday:

You can check results yesterday on the old results page. We update results every day on that page.

Juwai teer and Khanapara result today:

You can check results today on top of this page. We update them in the evening.

weekly result:
You can also update the results of every week on our previous numbers page. We update the following:

  • Khanapara teer result
  • Juwai Teer result

teer counter:

we have a detailed page about the counter, and you can access it here.
Counters are powered by association. You can find teer counters on many places in Shillong and Khanapara.


Shillong teer 100 fr:

In Shillong, there is only one favorite game. 100 fr is a distance from where archers hit the target with arrows. So few people specifically ask for Shillong teer as 100 fr.
There is no 100 fr official term.


Few people are interested in the teer formula, and there are many youtube channels and Whatsapp groups release Khanapara Shillong and Juwai formulas every day. These Specific formulas also apply on Bodoland and Barma teer.

Some of them are helpful, but few are crap, so it is not easy to determine who is an actual expert in methods. We are making a specific page for a mathematical formula and dream formulas soon you will see that page.

winner numbers:
Usually, winning numbers announced at 4 pm for the first round and 5 pm for the 2nd round. We update them right after announcing.

shillong teer khela:
Khela is a local term usually people search for results with the help of this term. People often search for Bodoland Khela and Khanapara teer khela etc.

Rejal is a formula expert in this world. Most khanapara teer users are fond of Rejal so they often buy numbers which are recommended by Rijal.

Official site:

There is no official site of teer association. Result sheets are announced at a local level — however a few webmaster update result chart on their websites.